Monday, July 12, 2010

If Schools ran like Google

I just finished reading Inside Larry and Sergey's Brain by Richard Brandt. It's an breezy and thought provoking book that isn't really about education technology, but it brought up some things I think are relevant to schools. Here's my half-serious list of items entitled, "If schools were run like Google":

  1. The primary driving value of schools would be the experience of the end-user, aka the students.
  2. Mediocre education software and textbook oligopolies would be very afraid.
  3. Administration would truly value the ideas of its employees and encourage problem-solving collaboration across the organization.
  4. Pragmatic idealism, the idea that all students can learn would be actively pursued and all solutions would be considered.
  5. School technology would be run by people that know how to get the most for the money we would never endure network outages that stop productivity.
  6. At every decision point, the discussion of ethics would center on the question, "is this good for students."
  7. All cell phones would work with school tech systems and students would be busy using them for productive purposes.
Any other ideas or criticisms are welcome.
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  1. Oh, and of course, "Students would find what they are looking for!"