Friday, November 13, 2009

In praise of technology outlaws

I work with some very smart, tech savvy teachers who operate completely outside of district policy. If these individuals conformed to the mind-numbing, soul-crushing, test-focused curricula and limited themselves to technology resources supplied and/or allowed the the tech department, they simply would not be who they are. Today's post is dedicated to the technology outlaw that presses ahead in spite of obstacles small and large to make things happen for our students.

The problem is easy to describe. Tech departments that are understaffed and in over their heads, administration that doesn't understand what technology can and should do for teaching and learning as well as the efficiency of their organization. Educators that want to use technology don't have support from administration or their less tech savvy peers. The less tech-savvy teachers aren't motivated to learn about technology because expectations are too low. It all comes back to leadership.

These dedicated professionals shouldn't need to be outlaws. Someday they'll be seen as heroes for putting themselves on the line to move our profession forward. Someday very soon.

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