Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why don't school districts get technology?

I've been a professional educator for 15 years now and worked in several school districts, both small and large. Throughout my life, I have kept up with the computer and technology world, but I am not exactly one of the early adopters that is always on the cutting edge. In the corporate world, I would be about average. However, within education, I am one of the technology gurus. Like Gulliver among the Lilliputians, I'm a giant. It's really kind of sad.

So the question I'm asking is why are school's so clueless when it comes to technology. There is a certain set of factors including: culture, tradition, law and policy that interfere with progress in implementing technology in education, but as an eternal idealist I believe that it is possible to change the system from within. This blog will devote a substantial number of words in diagnosing the problem of school systems' view of technology, which is essentially focusing on the negative, but I will hopefully spend much more time writing about solutions, practical ways to make a difference. This blog is for all fellow educators toiling in the trenches, trying to make education exciting and meaningful for our students, but who sometimes run in to obstruction from various official channels. I also welcome any administrators that want to make matters better. Happy reading. Let the fun begin.

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